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SGI Bell 206L3

Bell 206L3
  • Description

    The 7-seat Bell 206L3 is one of the most successful helicopter designs in the world. It is powered by an Allison Model 250-C30P gas turboshaft engine with a takeoff rating of 650shp giving it a speed of 114 knots and a range of 357nm at maximum weight and 5,000ft pressure altitude. This aircraft offers a considerable increase in payload and improved comfort over the previous series Longranger helicopters.

    In its standard configuration the Bell 206L3 provides a useful payload of 2140lbs at the maximum normal weight of 4500lbs. The helicopter is also capable of lifting external loads up to 2000lbs.

  • General Data

    Crew - 1
    Passengers - 6
    Engines Number & Power - 1x Rolls Royce 250-C30P
  • Dimensions

    Length overall - 12.96m
    Rotor Diameter - 11.28m
    Height overall - 3.56m
    Cabin Volume - 2.80m3
    Useful Load - 865kg
  • Weights

    Maximum takeoff weight - 1,928kg
    Empty Weight - 1,017kg
  • Performance

    Maximum range - 360nm (666km)
    Maximum cruise speed - 114kt (211kph)