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SGI Bell 407

Bell 407
  • Description

    The Bell 407 is a civil utility helicopter, a derivative of the highly successful Bell 206 Long Ranger. The 407 uses a 4-bladed rotor system with a rigid, composite rotor hub instead of the Model 206s 2-bladed conventional rotor. The rotor blades and hub use composite construction, have no life limits, and provide improved performance and better ride comfort over the 206 models. The 407s cabin is also 18cm wider, increasing internal cabin width and space, and features 35% larger main cabin windows. The more powerful Rolls-Royce (Allison) 250-C47 turbo shaft allows an increase in max takeoff weight and improved performance at hotter temperatures and/or higher altitudes a significant consideration in terms of the work to be performed under this contract.

    The aircraft typically seats 1 pilot and up to 6 passengers.

    The Bell 407 is relatively new to the SGI fleet and has proved to be an extremely reliable and consistent performer. Since commissioning this aircraft and studying its performance, SGI have committed to undertake a fleet replacement programme allowing the gradual replacement of, its Bell 206 fleet with newer Bell 407 aircraft.

  • General Data

    Crew - 1
    Passengers - 6
    Engines Number & Power - 1 x Allison 250-C47
  • Dimensions

    Length overall - 12.7m
    Rotor Diameter - 10.67m
    Height overall - 3.56m
    Cabin Volume - 3.45m3
    Baggage volume - 0.45m3
  • Weights

    Maximum takeoff weight - 2,722kg
    Empty Weight - 1,250kg
    Maximum payload (standard config) - 1,200kg
  • Performance

    Maximum range - 280nm (519km)
    Maximum cruise speed - 140kt (259kph)
    Average fuel consumption - 175 litres per hour