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SGI Mil-8

  • Description

    The Mil-8, one of the most successful helicopter designs in the world, is a five-bladed main rotor, twin turbine powered helicopter with a three-bladed tail rotor. In its standard configuration the Mil-8 provides a useful internal payload at sea level of 4,000 kilos, and is capable of lifting external loads at sea level of up to 4,000 kilos.

    The helicopter is powered by two TV3-117 VM gas turbine engines, giving it excellent hot and high altitude performance.

    The standard configuration interior can carry up to four (4) metric tonnes, or an external sling load of up to Four and one half (4.5) metric tonnes. Cabin access is provided by either a large sliding door (1.405m x 0.825m) on the side of the aircraft, or by outward opening “clam shell” doors at the rear of the aircraft (2.228m x 1.620m) providing excellent and unobstructed access to the cabin.

  • General Data

    Crew - 7 (3 flight crew, 2 engineers, 2 loadmasters)
    Passengers - 26
    Engines Number & Power - 2 TV3-117VM
  • Dimensions

    Length overall - 18.42m
    Rotor Diameter - 21.29m
    Height overall - 4.76m
    Cabin Volume - 23m3
  • Weights

    Maximum takeoff weight - 13,000kg
    Empty Weight - 7,166kg
    Maximum payload (internal / external) - 4,000kg / 4,000kg
  • Performance

    Maximum range - 513nm (950km)
    Maximum cruise speed - 124kt (230kph)
    Average fuel consumption (Jet A1) - 800 litres per hour